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Back in 2000 I volunteered to do illustrations for Qaimlyn's Harry Potter tarot deck. I didn't know anything about the tarot, but was intrigued by the idea. Harry Potter and the tarot go well together, and J.K. Rowling's novels are chock full of wonderful characters and scenes that lend themselves well to the symbolism of the cards. I drew a couple of cards for Qaimlyn's deck, but the more I learned about the tarot, the more I wanted to do my own deck, assigning characters to the cards I thought fit best. So I did.

I've started at least 4 versions of this, changing styles, mediums and card assignments, but I think this version is here to stay. All of the cards are done with only Copic markers on smooth bristol board. They are all 11 x 14 inches in size, and are completely unedited by computer, except for the watermarking and addition of text.

I have assigned the four suits of the tarot to the four Hogwarts Houses: Wands became Gryffindor, Swords became Slytherin, Cups became Hufflepuff, and Pentacles became Ravenclaw. While others may have chosen to assign these differently, this is the arrangement that spoke to me after much internal debate. This is why the Marauders are under Hufflepuff instead of Gryffindor, and Lockhart under Slytherin, etc. I have also renamed some cards from the traditional titles to fit the Harry Potter theme more. I am aware that J.K. Rowling has publically said that Gryffindor = fire, Hufflepuff = earth, Ravenclaw = air and Slytherin = water. But I started this before that was said, and I still stand by my choices, which I based off of my personal 'feelings' about the meanings of the tarot cards and the HP characters/scenes. Please feel free to make your own deck with the elements/houses in the 'correct' way. I'd love to see it!

My two major sources of tarot information came from these two websites: Aeclectic Tarot.net and Learn Tarot.com, both excellent resources.
You can contact me at: Nasubionna@gmail.com or sign the guestbook if you have any comments/questions.

Want to buy a deck?

This is a question I get a lot. I'm sorry to say that I can NOT sell any of these cards. This is because Harry Potter and all related characters are property of Warner Brothers, and they do not approve of fans selling fan art. If I could afford to give them out for free, I would do so, but until that happy day of financial security, they are confined to this page.
If ever WB decides to change their mind (or even better, decide to hire me and publish this deck!), I will sing it from the mountaintops. But for now, I give you the deck in digital form. You may use them for your own personal tarot activites, but please do not misuse them by reproducing them or using them for profit in any way. Thank you!

First card added: Sept 22, '04, Latest card added: Feb 19, '14
64 cards done, 14 to go!
The First Year :: Harry Potter The Magicians :: Fred & George Weasley The Believer :: Luna Lovegood The Empress :: Molly Weasley The Emperor :: Rubeus Hagrid The Scholar :: Hermione Granger Lovers :: Harry & Ginny Chariot :: The Ron on the Chess Knight Strengh :: The Patronus The Hermit :: Aberforth Dumbledore The Sorting Hat :: Sorting Hat
Justice:: Madam Hooch The Hanged Man:: Severus Snape Death :: Harry in the Woods Temperence :: Remus Lupin The Devil :: Professor Quirrell & Lord Voldemort The Tower :: Return of Lord Voldemort The Star :: Fawkes the Phoenix Confusion :: Tom Riddle & Ginny Weasley Clarity :: Albus Dumbledore Judgement :: Priori Incantatem The Epilogue

Wands/Gryffindor Founder of Gryffindor :: Godric Gryffindor Two of Gryffindor :: Felix Felicis Three of Gryffindor :: The Pensieve Four of Gryffindor :: Letters From No One Five of Gryffindor :: The Triwizard Tournament Six of Gryffindor :: Weasley is our king!! Seven of Gryffindor :: Firenze the Centaur Eight of Gryffindor :: Neville Kills Nagini Nine of Gryffindor :: Alastor 'Mad-Eye' Moody Ten of Gryffindor :: Hermione's Time Turner Burden Head of Gryffindor :: Minerva McGonagall Ghost of Gryffindor :: Nearly-Headless-Nick Captain of Gryffindor :: Angelina Johnson Prefect of Gryffindor :: Percy Weasley
Cups/Hufflepuff Founder of Hufflepuff :: Helga Hufflepuff Two of Hufflepuff :: Olympe & Rubeus Three of Hufflepuff :: The Marauders Four of Hufflepuff :: Harry at 15 Years Old Five of Hufflepuff :: The White Tomb Six of Hufflepuff :: Dobby the House Elf Seven of Hufflepuff :: Mirror of Erised Eight of Hufflepuff :: Searching for Horcuxes Nine of Hufflepuff :: The House Cup Ten of Hufflepuff :: The Weasley Family Head of Hufflepuff :: Pomona Sprout Ghost of Hufflepuff :: Fat Friar Captain of Hufflepuff :: Cedric Diggory Prefect of Hufflepuff :: Hannah Abbott
Pentacles/Ravenclaw Founder of Ravenclaw :: Rowena Ravenclaw Two of Ravenclaw :: Quidditch Three of Ravenclaw :: Argus Filch and Mrs Norris Four of Ravenclaw :: Dolores Umbridge Five of Ravenclaw :: Sirius Black Six of Ravenclaw :: Dudley & Harry Seven of Ravenclaw :: O.W.L. Scores Eight of Ravenclaw :: Study Time Nine of Ravenclaw :: Horace Slughorn Ten of Ravenclaw :: Malfoy Family Head of Ravenclaw :: Filius Flitwick Ghost of Ravenclaw :: Grey Lady Captain of Ravenclaw :: Roger Davies Prefect of Ravenclaw :: Penelope Clearwater
Swords/Slytherin Founder of Slytherin :: Salazar Slytherin Two of Slytherin :: Cornelius Fudge Three of Slytherin :: Peter Pettigrew Four of Slytherin :: The Hospital Wing Five of Slytherin :: Gilderoy Lockhart Six of Slytherin :: Shell Cottage Seven of Slytherin :: Draco's Plan Eight of Slytherin :: Harry bound to Riddle's headstone Nine of Slytherin :: Burning Scar Ten of Slytherin :: Moaning Myrtle Head of Slytherin :: Severus Snape Ghost of Slytherin :: Bloody Baron Captain of Slytherin :: Marcus Flint Prefect of Slytherin :: Draco Malfoy

Please do not reproduce these cards on your website or print them for your own distribution and profit! This is my pet project, and I would like to keep it on this site only, please. You are, however, VERY welcome to link to this page! Thank you!

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